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posted by Lover5533
Robin:Umm Starfire??
Starfire:Yes Robin?? :)
Robin: I was wondering if আপনি would........... *blushes*
Starfire:Would what Robin??
Robin:*Talks really fast* Like to go on a তারিখ and become boyfriend and girlfriend *blushes harder*
Starfire:Ok then if that's what আপনি want. :D
Raven:Wow. *sits on the sofa পাঠ করা a book*
Robin-I'M SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!! *cries from happiness*
Starfire-I'm glad you're happy.
Raven-Uhh Robin....are আপনি crying??!!
Robin-What no....
The End
Couple name--------> Robfire
posted by df13as45bm
Terra watched beast boy,robin and raven walk away and kept thinking what was going on and I need to talk to Beast boy and figure out whats going on . So that night she snuck down the hallway to beast boys room and knocked on the door . The door opened and beast boy appeared . As soon as he saw her he shut the door . she knocked again and he opened the door "what do আপনি want?" he asked in an angry tone . 'I want to know whats going on with you" she ব্যক্ত "You haven"t spoken to me since Robin ব্যক্ত he nedded to talk to আপনি " she cried. Beast boy looked embarrassed " Look Terra it's over " Beast...
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posted by df13as45bm
Terra was watching the sunset with beast boy at her side he was telling a joke . Terra laughed, it was funny . Suddenly she felt a sudden emotion rolling in her stomach . She knew exactly what this was . It was the pure feeling of প্রণয় . Then beast boy stopped taliking and leaned over and gave her cheek a simple চুম্বন . It wasn't demanding অথবা anything just simple . Then terra got closer to him and put her arms around his shoulders to চুম্বন him . Suddenly raven and robin apeared from behind them . Terra quickly pulled back . Beast boy was obviosly mad because they had interfeared with his moment...
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