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Jennifer Blake is the english teacher of Beacon Hills High School and is also the প্রণয় interest of Derek Hale she was revealed as the Darach who is a serial killer that kills virgins, healers, guardians and etc, as a manner known as the threefold death. and Lydia Martin who is the sometimes troubled best friend of Allison Argent who was revealed as a Banshee who has the ability to know when someone dies অথবা is about to die. Jennifer was the one who killed the chemistry teacher Mr. Harris and Lydia was screaming out through out the series. Now আপনি have it people Jennifer as the Darach and Lydia as the Banshee/ The Wailing Woman.
Okay, so I am a bit bored and I thought of making a তালিকা of what I've seen through the years of being in the Teen নেকড়ে Fandom... So this is a তালিকা of the most hated and most beloved characters দ্বারা the majority of the fandom based on what I have seen being on this site for a few years, Teen Wolf's ফেসবুক site and countless YouTube চলচ্ছবি about Teen Wolf... They all points in this direction:

Most Hated.

1. Theo (now). Allison (before).
2. Scott (now). Jackson (before).
3. Allison (now). Kira (before).
4. Liam (now). Scott (before).
5. Malia.

Most Beloved.

1. Stiles.
2. Lydia.
3. Derek.
4. Isaac.
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Holland Roden plays Lydia, the bitchy কুইন bee of Beacon Hills High School on MTV’s Teen Wolf. Read on for 10 things আপনি didn't know about the riveting redhead.

1. How does she fill the void post-finale? Holland hasn't missed an episode of Oprah in five years.

2. Does this make her a Boardwalk Empire fan? Holland's পছন্দ actor of all time is Michael Shannon.

3. And now it's her job! Holland started অভিনয় as a hobby.

4. Once she was Lost... Holland had a brief role on হারিয়ে গেছে portraying a sixteen-year-old Emily Locke (John Locke's mother).

5. She has great taste in movies. Holland's top-five...
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posted by Stelenavamp
The new series is আরো action focused, how was it, with all the hanging about in freezing water and other things like that?

Daniel: Oh God, iced water for hours.
Crystal: Well the ice was silicone, I got in as well!
Daniel: You got off lightly though! I did much আরো of it!
Crystal: I was soaked, drenching in the woods!
Daniel: I was outside in a factory soaked too!

I’m in the wrong job, I’d প্রণয় to do all this!

Daniel: It is great, but at 4 in the morning you’re like uuurgh.

4 in the morning though, you’re in a cranky mood, and I’d imagine নেকড়ে-মানুষ are pretty cranky generally, doesn’t...
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posted by Articuno224
Okay, so before I start I'd just like to say that if আপনি like অথবা প্রণয় Scott & Kira অথবা dislike অথবা hate them for other reasons than the ones I'm going to talk about here, then this প্রবন্ধ is obviously not referring to you, so please don't be offended. This প্রবন্ধ is not about আপনি not being able to dislike অথবা hate a character, it's about HOW আপনি judge them.

I really wanted to get this off my chest, because over the years I have seen some really horrible judgement of especially Scott & Kira as characters. This makes me really sad and really annoyed, because I absolutely প্রণয় these characters...
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posted by Articuno224
Okay, I wanted to make this প্রবন্ধ dedicated to Kira/Arden Cho. As we all know, Kira/Arden is not coming back to Teen Wolf, this really makes me upset she was already disappearing all the time, to প্রদর্শনী my appreciation here is why I love/loved her:

First of all Kira is a very realistic and relate able character to a lot of people (including myself) She starts off as a very shy character, shy characters are really rare in TV Shows, but in real life 50% of us are like that! I like shy people, I feel like they are easier to talk to, maybe because I am somewhat shy myself xD.

But on to Kira: Kira...
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posted by Evilregal14
Lydia is such a cool and gorgeous girl. In the first season she obviously came across as a bit bitchy since she was the জনপ্রিয় girl and "queen bee". But as the seasons have progressed she has become আরো aware of people around her and আরো cautious of things and people. She has also developed her relationship with others, like Scott and Stiles. At the beginning she used to just ignore them and didn't know they existed, but she has become আরো open and nice to them. I found it really sweet when she held Scott's hand in 3x09 at the সঙ্গীত show. I also প্রণয় her relationship with her mom. They...
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In preparation for Teen Wolf's season 3b, and learning that Arden Cho (Pretty Little Liars) will play Kira, a high school girl who will possibly be the Kitsune, I did some research on the subject.

As far as we know, Kira is a high school student at Beacon hills high and is of Japanese and Korean descent.

A Kitsune is the Japanese word for fox. which will play nicely into the world of teen wolf.

Kitsunes are described, in some stories as highly intelligent and having magical abilities. Which will be awesome. আরো magic is never enough.

And then there is the fact that they can assume the human...
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Teen নেকড়ে is a new funny, dramatic, and romantic series. It's about a boy named Scott has been bitten দ্বারা the Alpha wolf. He has to learn how to control his werewolf-ness. He has a girlfriend named Allison. Her father is a hunter and hunting for wolves! His best friend Stiles trying to help Scott. And when Scott gets mad he can't control it, yet. He has frenemy named Jackson who doesn't believe that Scott is really Scott anymore. Teen নেকড়ে is a movie series that will always keep আপনি on a cliff hanger! Can't tell আপনি any আরো অথবা that would ruin it!!
posted by Darkangel6
 Balam from the প্রদর্শনী Grimm
Balam from the show Grimm
This was pointed out on tumblr here.

They come from Mexican Myth (TW season four will revolve around Mexico)

From the Grimm Wiki, these creatures : When woged, Balam grow পশম over their head and body, but like many Wesen their hair is unaffected. They displays distinct stripe-like spots similar to those of a jaguar অথবা a leopard. The color of their পশম seem to change depending on the brightness of their surrounding. It appears purple in a dark environment and light grey when in the middle of the day. Like fellow Wesen Blutbaden অথবা Drang-Zorn, they are able to concentrate their woge around their eyes, making them amber and appear to glow. They also gain two sharp jaguar-like fangs.

So could this be what Kate is?
 Kate Argent
Kate Argent
posted by Stelenavamp
Question: How did আপনি guys get involved with Teen Wolf?

Whenever something good comes up that sounds like I could be part of the project, my manager and my agents send me in on it. I went in for the first audition and had great chemistry with the casting director and the people behind the desk, and they liked me. I went back for a callback and met Crystal Reed, we read together for a chemistry read, and it felt really good. Then, they brought us all in for the network test. There were probably at least 10 kids there, and the ones that clicked and were talking were me, Crystal, Tyler...
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আপনি I find funny that until now no-ones intend out how is Scott repeating Derek's bad luck with women (expect because he's Scott McCall everything "works out" for him ) I mean Scott went after Allison KNOWING her family ipare werewolf freaking hunters he still went after despit Derek warring him not to like a 1000 times and what did it lead to, 1)Allison GOING AFTER HIM S1 (her BOYFRIEND at the time) and derek simply because her aunt planted the idea in her head in few hours Allison has accepted her true destiny as a hunter and went after her own boyfriend that she loves after months and months...
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posted by Darkangel6
Re watching the episodes I've noticed things between the two of them and I go to myself,

Huh, they would be cute together. they have the chemistry and once upon a time she wanted to তারিখ him.

But I know that this will never happen. Scott is in প্রণয় with Allison and Lydia has found feelings for Stiles.

Not that I am not into Stydia (Stiles/Lydia) অথবা Scott/Allison.

but I would প্রণয় for these two to be together in some future season. that is if the writers would want it to be.

Am I the only one who thinks this অথবা am everyone else seeing the potential that could be Scotdia?
posted by loveDE45
Now I know all of আপনি অথবা most of আপনি প্রণয় Scott and agree with him that Derek is the “bad guy”, অথবা he’s a “bad” alpha, I really don’t know why all of আপনি agree with the little ungrateful CHILD, I have many reasons not to like Scott and even HATE him and I will always be on Derek’s side because he’s an amazing alpha and character I hope দ্বারা the end of this প্রবন্ধ that few of আপনি would change your mind and see the light.
Ok let’s start then from the beginning Scott is a normal teenage boy who was turned into a werewolf a gift that he choices to see as a curse, and blame Derek...
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posted by Skater_Girl_1
Birth Name
Tyler Garcia Posey


5' 10" (1.78 m)

Tyler was born in Santa Monica, California in 1991 and currently lives with his family in the Los Angeles area. His heritage is Irish, Scotch, English, Mexican and Native North American. He developed an early interest in the arts and began his অভিনয় career performing on stage with his actor/writer dad, at the age of six. He has worked steadily in both TV and film since the age of eight and, as a result, has traveled all over the U.S, Canada and Mexico. He has had the opportunity to work side-by-side with some of the most talented people in the business and has learned from them all. And has as we all know played a role of Scott in the Teen wolf.
posted by camodog258
Daniel Sharman, who plays Isaac on Teen Wolf, has been performing since he was 9. He is British, being born in London. He was in lots of plays, but didn't perform on movies/televison until the age of 20. He was in the movie Collector and played Ares, the god of war, in The Immortals.
Did আপনি know that Daniel Sharman and Christal Reed, the girl who plays Allison on Teen Wolf, are dating. It probably wasn't hard to give each-other those sweet looks on the last episode.
The Teen নেকড়ে producer told Daniel Sharman that he is going to be a big part of the প্রদর্শনী in season 3. So, maybe Isaac and Alison will get together in the প্রদর্শনী Teen Wolf. But really, wouldn't it SUCK to have your girlfriend স্নেহ চুম্বন another man (a.k.a. alison and scott), even though it's just acting?!
Can't wait until পরবর্তি Teen Wolf! Hope আপনি enjoyed this article, later!
posted by loveDE45
I have wanted to write about the twins for long time now, but never could find the time অথবা the mind set for it. Until now therefore I’m just going to start with it.

Now I have seen a lot of people like the twins and even আরো for the loss of Aiden (his death) and the loss of his brother Ethan (for leaving after his brother’s death) and I respect that.
Here’s my POV/perspective my reasons why I NEVER liked them actually HATED them and was beyond HAPPY when they excited the প্রদর্শনী (well kind of disappointed that only one of them died and not both) but নমস্কার they’re both out of the প্রদর্শনী so that’s...
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posted by ronyk
Tyler Posey plays Scott McCall, a teen who was first bitten দ্বারা an Alpha in 1.01, And his whole life changed ever since he got bitten দ্বারা an Alpha and in Season 2 he was trying keep control of his werewolf abilities and to protect the ones he loves and cares about and then in Season 3 he gets a brand new tattoo on his arm and then Derek tries to make it permanent and now the Alpha Pack arrives and he helps Derek find his two teen betas (Erica and Boyd). and then he finds Boyd and then his sister Cora appeared and then her and Boyd were wild and bloodthirsty and then him, Derek and Isaac were planning to trap them in the school's boiler room and then his boss was trapped in the bank খিলান and that was the place when Erica, Boyd, and Cora were trapped and then he tries to break the forcefield and while he does that his eyes turn from Yellow to Red and that why Scott is the True Alpha werewolf.
Gage played Erica, Sinqua played Boyd, and Brian played Ennis, Sinqua and Gage played Erica and Boyd in Season 2 before their characters were loners and unpopular and then they got bitten দ্বারা Derek Hale and then became members of his pack and then they left Derek to find a new pack and got kidnapped দ্বারা the Alpha pack and Brian played Ennis, was the brutal and huge member of the Alpha pack and Erica got killed দ্বারা Kali and Boyd got accidentally killed দ্বারা pack leader, Derek and Ennis got killed দ্বারা pack leader, Deucalion and thanks for being a part of the Teen নেকড়ে family, Gage, Sinqua, and Brian.
posted by loveDE45
Ok I know this a বছর late অথবা whatever but I have wanted to say this since the end of S2, Erica & Boyed leaving Derek NEVER EVER MADE ANY SENSE AT ALL, all of Derek’s pack trusted him 100% they never ever questioned him even when he didn’t have all the answers, and Derek told them what they were getting into before they turned, he took good care of them trained them to control their abilities, how to protect themselves, and they were loyal to him and never left until out of the blue, they both wanted to যোগদান another pack because they “heard” other werewolves, all of sudden they...
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