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posted by mimivilee
Hello everyone!

On the 23rd of November I am meeting Matt Smith (the 11th Doctor) for a ছবি shoot, and a signing! I am very lucky, I know.

I know how much আপনি all want to say something to Matt Smith, so I want আপনি to give me messages আপনি want to say to him, for me to put in a massive card I am going to get him.

This is the perfect opportunity for আপনি all to thank Matt, অথবা just let him know of your existence!

আপনি can either জমা করুন what আপনি want to say Here:

অথবা যন্ত্রপত্র me what আপনি want to say at this address:

If আপনি have any প্রশ্ন either যন্ত্রপত্র me, অথবা send me a প্রশ্ন HERE:

THANK YOU! Please send me things, I would hate to have an empty card!