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posted by kabalah70
 Panem Map - generalized
Panem Map - generalized
SPOILER ALERT: There are significant reveals of book information in order to support the নকশা of these maps. Please do not continue if আপনি do not wish to have this information revealed to you.

General Map Information
There are two maps in this article. The first was a rough draft for quickly placing the general location of the districts during research. The সেকেন্ড map is আরো detailed and provides boundaries for each of the districts. The map is large and the boundary lines in it are small so আপনি may have to zoom in to see them.

Analysis - General
The location of the districts is based on three...
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posted by no1drwhofan
 Rue's touching death scene.
Rue's touching death scene.
Deep in the meadow, under the willow
A বিছানা of grass, a soft green pillow
Lay down your head, and close your sleepy eyes,
And when আপনি awake, the sun will rise.

Here it's safe, here it's warm,
Here the daisies guard আপনি from harm,
Here your dreams are sweet and tomorrow brings them true,
Here is the place where I প্রণয় you.

Deep in the meadow, hidden far away,
A ছদ্মবেশ of leaves, A moonbeam ray, Forget your woes and let your troubles lay,
And when again it's morning, they'll wash away.

Here it's safe, here it's warm
Here the daisies guard আপনি from every harm
Here your dreams are sweet and tomorrow brings them true,
Here is the place where I প্রণয় you.
 'I remember when আপনি sang in the সঙ্গীত assembly and the teacher said, 'Who knows 'The Valley Song''? and আপনি hand shot straight up!'
'I remember when you sang in the music assembly and the teacher said, 'Who knows 'The Valley Song''? and you hand shot straight up!'
Ever want to find out what your name would be in the series? Need a character's name for your new fanfiction? Look no farther!

District One names should be unique, almost like the Capitol names; bright and bubbly. So let's get started.


-First Name:

Take the first four letters of a state's name: example,California, New York, Oregon... আপনি get the idea

If the name sounds strange, অথবা not feminine, add an -ia

-Last Name:

Take the first four letters of your পছন্দ gemstone: example, amethyst, topaz, diamond....

Add -son to the end

Example Names: Cali Ametson, Newy Topason, Oregia Diamson

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There are many মতামত and discussions on whether Peeta অথবা Gale is better for Katniss . Whose team are আপনি on? Some Hunger Games অনুরাগী prefer to be neutral and don't believe in "teams" but in terms of being the better man in general and for Katniss , this includes facts and opinions for both Peeta and Gale.
***** IF আপনি DONT BELIEVE IN "TEAMS" than please dont post hateful comments, I understand that some people get annoyed with these types ot things but for the people who do prefer one guy over the other , i hope আপনি enjoy my প্রবন্ধ :) ***

There are many reasons and good qualities for both of...
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I often lay down for a nap, and the meds I take give me আরো than my fair share of scary, stupid, odd, weird, ect. dreams and sometimes nightmares. I had a nightmare one night someone murdered my innocent two-year-old cousin, another nightmare featured my grown male cousin drowning to death. But the most uneasy thing about them were that I was the only one deeply upset over the deaths - they were seperate nightmares. I wasn't thinking about The Hunger Games particularly that day, at least not part from checking The Hunger Games here on Fanpop, just to see the latest. I have পরবর্তি to no control...
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posted by Elizabeth_Darcy
 Created দ্বারা ~commoner-pocky on Deviantart
Created by ~commoner-pocky on Deviantart
For English class not too long ago, we had to write our own Shakespearean sonnet, since we were at the time going to start পাঠ করা Othello. I wasn't too sure what to write for my sonnet, but after thinking about it for a long time, I got the idea to write a sonnet based on The Hunger Games. I had an idea to write a sonnet of Rue's death, since it is such an emotional scene. I wrote it as if Katniss was speaking to Rue. I wanted to share it with আপনি fellow Hunger Games fans... I hope আপনি like it!

When I look upon thy young fading life

Thou see the light escaping from your eyes

Begging for the end...
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Ok so this is an opinion/review of the ever so জনপ্রিয় growing series of the hunger games. So I'll start with a little review and then will প্রণয় to hear other people's opinions as well as mine.

As আপনি know may know my পূর্ববর্তি review was on the Percy Jackson series. I loved that series and if you're into ফ্যান্টাসি that's a must read. This book was targeted at an older audience and I personally liked this book more. Not to say Percy Jackson wasn't for an older audience, I just think this will suit teens better than Percy did. If you're wondering whether অথবা not আপনি should read the series...
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Catching আগুন Review

Yes, I know I am not no big magazine অথবা newspaper reviewer, but I'm a person with an opinion. So here is what I thought about Catching Fire.
Misterious. The science-fiction is this book makes আপনি really wonder, think, and প্রশ্ন our world. Such, as what if in the future what is something drastic were to happen and we were put into 12 districts limited supplies, and most all what if the your children অথবা yourself had to go fight for your life. Well the Hunger Games brought that idea to life, and Catching আগুন told us the aftermath of that idea. Even thought, Katniss won...
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Ripper পরিলেখ Page

Name: Ripper.

Age: 40.

Home: District Twelve.

Current location: In my shop.

Interested in: Drinking, selling drinks, and Haymitch ;)

In a relationship: No.


WALL দেওয়াল দেওয়াল দেওয়াল দেওয়াল দেওয়াল দেওয়াল দেওয়াল WALL

Gale Hawthorne: 22nd May 13:09PM

Who the hell are you?

Ripper: 22nd May 13:09PM

I'm Ripper. The woman who sells alcohol to the amazing Haymitch ;)

Haymitch Abernathy: 22th May 13:10PM

God bless you.

Gale Hawthorne: 22nd May 13:11PM

But you're from District Twelve. How come I don't remember you?

Ripper: 22nd May...
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posted by SBKITT1
this is what rue herd last: Deep in the meadow, under the willow A বিছানা of grass, a soft green বালিশ Lay down your head, and close your sleepy eyes And when again they open, the sun will rise.
Here it's safe, here it's warm
Here the daisies guard আপনি from every harm
Here your dreams are sweet and tomorrow brings
them true
Here is the place where I প্রণয় you.
Deep in the meadow, hidden far away
A ছদ্মবেশ of leaves, a moonbeam ray
Forget your woes and let your troubles lay
And when again it's morning, they'll wash away.

Here your dreams are sweet and tomorrow brings
them true
Here is the place where I...
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posted by CarleeMadison96
I know the book describes Katniss as জলপাই skinned and black hair, but I don't. One, people need to realize that there is a 1 in a million chance of finding an জলপাই skinned actress with black hair and gray eyes who is perfect for the part. Odds are she will have to wear contacts, get over it . . . Two, I don't know if আপনি understand that জলপাই skinned is code for: white girl who just has a tan. She doesn't need to be as dark as a Native American! So really if it's the choice between a girl with a tan and a pale girl, WHO CARES, pick the better actress. Also, black অথবা dark brown hair make NO...
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    I hate the reapings in district 4. They hold them on a makeshift stage near the docks. Always at the crack of dawn. And because the sea faces east, we have to squint into the rising sun to see the platform. The glass reaping ball is erected in the center of the stage, casting its shadow into the crowd below.

    Ah, there she is. Bubbly and neon-colored as usual, Tabbie Crankshat bounds up onto the platform. Fashionably late, as always.
“Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be EVER in your favor!” she warbles in the thick...
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posted by cleogilbert
I know all of the release dates for the চলচ্চিত্র . Cinema & DVD .
The Hunger Games cinema : 23rd March 2012
The Hunger Games DVD u.k : 3rd September 2012
The hunger games DVD u.s.a : 18th August 2012

catching আগুন dates 
Catching আগুন the IMAX experience cinema : 1st Janurary 2013
Catching আগুন cinema : 22nd November 2013
MockingJay part 1 cinema : 1st Janurary 2014
MockingJay part 2 cinema : 1st Janurary 2015
Hope আপনি enjoy the movie when it comes out .

it's also available on iTunes from 3rd September . অথবা আপনি can pre order it . It's £9.99
The anxiety was intense I stare vividly at the television. Waiting for the কামান to sound signaling cato's death. When morning comes I stop breathing as she, my sister, tentatively approaches cato's body. When she finally puts him to rest I am relieved, they won! Peeta and Katniss won. Then a voice sounds, announcing "Lady's and gentlemen a পূর্ববর্তি rule has been overlooked and there can only be one victor." One victor. My mind tries to process what that means, and at the moment I cannot bring my self to admit what was just ব্যক্ত was real, অথবা a figure of my imagination, and for a সেকেন্ড I...
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posted by MitchKristelle
A CLATO Head Canon:

~The reason why Clove kept avoiding Cato in the games was because she knew at some point they'd have to kill each other. But that broke Cato's heart. So he flirted with Glimmer. But thanks to Katniss, the পরবর্তি day, Glimmer died because of tracker-jackers. Clove and Cato both survived. Noticing that Cato didn't even shed tears because of Glimmer's death, Clove asked him if he really loved her.
Cato grinned. "You afraid of that?"
Clove smiled back. "Very much."
So they stopped all pretenses, until the rules were even changed. They had the idea that maybe, the gamemakers want them...
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posted by justingurl99
Notes: A যেভাবে খুশী idea I came up with! This is a Katniss/Peeta story that takes place during Mockingjay. My first fanfic, I hope আপনি like it :) Hunger Games is awesome :D (who doesn't know that?)

TWIST IN প্রণয়

'The time has finally come,' I think, as I watch Finnick and Annie's lips touch, thinking they are finally a married couple, as happy as can be.

    The wedding seemed like it lasted long, especially with my ribs burning from the pain of the bullet that hit me in District 2.

    I think away from the pain দ্বারা looking at Finnick and Annie, smiling...
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(WARNING this is not a good form if আপনি are under 12, so don't read on if so!!!) (And this is not a sex fanfiction either, its just the content at times....)
I see Gale walk in, his breath deep and heavy. "What do আপনি want?" I saw, confused because todays not a Sunday, so he isn't here to go hunting. Gale runs into my arms, almost pushing me over. I hold him back, and I don't want to let go. He turns over to my ear and whispers "I প্রণয় you..." As Gales head turns back, his lips reach mine, and soon were locked in a deep kiss. He grabs one of my shoulders with one of his hands, and the other...
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How perfect I finished book 2 today and book 3 comes out tomorrow? I'm never this lucky! I'm a new fan. So I'm getting in with my own prediction before I lose the opportunity before we've all read the third book and everything I write in here is wrong. I'm sure this will be like a hundred other opinions but I'm লেখা it anyway because I want to get it's amazingness off my chest (so I can get some homework done!) before I have even আরো to think about and all my guessing is over!

The Relationships
I'm Team Peeta. I'm guessing the সামগ্রিক consensus is Peeta? Even if she doesn't know it herself,...
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Ever want to find out what your name would be in the series? Need a character's name for your new fanfiction? Look no farther!

District Two names should be fierce, strong, maybe even kind of mysterious. They need to sound intimidating, they're the careers after all. So let's get started.


-First Name:

Pick a type of flower: example, Calla Lily, daisy, tiger lily...

Take the first 4 অথবা five letters

-Last Name:

Take a word that describes a weapon: example, sharp, heavy, deadly

Take the first four letters of that word and add a -per অথবা a -ce to the end

Example Names: Calla Sharpce, Dais...
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posted by Bookcrumb
আপনি know how there's a Team Edward and a Team Jacob for Twilight? Well, my বন্ধু and I decided to make teams (with cute little sayings) for the Hunger Games. Here they are!

(Please note: these are not couples teams. They are just teams.)

Team Peeta - my man can cook.
Team Gale - because রুটি is stupid.
Team Cato - (dead) bad guys are cool too!
Team Haymitch - Whaaat?!?
Team Rue - আপনি gotta catch her first!
Team Thresh - Just because he's dead doesn't mean he didn't win.
Team Foxface - She's dead?! I don't believe you.
Team Capitol - It's for your own good...
Team Effie - May the odds be ever in your...
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