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I figured it out, I just thought who would be the most unlikely suspect and the reporter had the most advantage over the case, but I figured it out! Okay so maybe there were others that aced the detective case solver (or whatever আপনি call it), but sometimes I am left guessing, having two possible suspects. It's always cool when আপনি পছন্দ shows leave আপনি thinking all the time.

I was just happy to have Jane confess his true feelings without any smart come on. The moment the camera's were all over his face and he became on edge, I thought of the last time he was on camera and the impact it left...
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Something was definitely fishy wit that shrink who clearly went out of his way to council Lisbon. I imagined it was one of two things, he either had a wild crush on her and was waiting for the right moment to turn his sessions into some kind of mushy mushy vibe অথবা he was up to something. Honestly I believed it was the first, the entire set up was kind of neat.

The classic part of this episode was watching Jane hypnotize Lisbon and take advantage of it. How did it benefit him to know whether অথবা not she dances to Spice Girls. Although he didn't প্রদর্শনী it on the surface, he did care about Lisbon's...
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