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posted by BuddyParaiso
The Boazanian Invasion Force utilizes Boazania’s most greatest war machines for their efforts in conquering the Earth.

The Boazanian Skull ship Sky Rook:
Flagship of the Boazanian Invasion Force, under Prince Heinell (Zardoz).
The ship looks like a giant skull with massive horns, topped with a fairy tale castle. The ship can go almost anywhere, on sky, under sea, under ground and in space.
It serves as a reconnaissance vehicle, a beast fighter and cargo carrier, a command module and Prince Zardoz’s (Heinell) imperial transport.

The Boazanian Underground Castle:

One of Do Zuuru’s (Zhul)...
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Dokugaga- Appears in episode 1. Powers include flight, claws, পরাকাষ্ঠা cement from the mouth, a 2-tube ক্ষেপণাস্ত্র launcher on the chest, পরাকাষ্ঠা eye beams, and mouth missiles.

Baizanga- Appears in episode 2. Powers include a double chained mace, flight, yellow eye beams, আগুন balls from the mouth, launchable hair needles, buffalo horns, chest missiles from each pectoral, a 4-way grapple chain in the chest, and a বেল্ট buckle extendable pincer

Bonzarus- Appears in episode 3. Powers include extremely fast flight, a stinger tail that can detach and be used as a sword, propeller missiles from the lower arms,...
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Located on a Bird-shaped island called "Falcon Island", is Camp. Big Falcon.

The Earth defense Base of the Ultra Electro Magnetic Machine Voltes V.
Camp Big বাজপাখি is equipt with it's own housing, research, factory, medical, defense stations. The front facade, stencilled with large numbers from 1 to 5 serves as the Volt Machine's launching bay.
The base has a built-in training center, in doors and out doors for the Voltes Team and the Volt Machines.

It is guarded দ্বারা various kinds of laser and ক্ষেপণাস্ত্র launchers, strategically located in parts of the island.

It is also equipped with a powerful...
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Weapons of the Ultra Electro Magnetic Machine

The development of the Ultra Electro Magnetic Machine provided planet Earth a defense system loaded with varied arsenals of lasers, rays, beams, missiles and other deadly projectiles.

These are as follows:

1. Gatling Missiles (Finger Missiles): A powerful barrage of missiles launched from the hands of Voltes V. These blast a beast fighter.

2. Choudenji Beam (Ultra Electro Magnetic beam): A microwave beam that shoots out from the yellow beam button of Voltes V’s chest. This burns a beast fighter’s innards.

3. Chain Knuckles (Chain Knuckles): Giant,...
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posted by BuddyParaiso
Daijiro was the largest teenage member of the Voltes Team.

He was called “Big Bert” দ্বারা the Filipino voice talents who dubbed the series in 1978.

In Japanese, “Dai” means large, important and perhaps that’s where the “Big” in Big Bert must have come from.

Daijiro was the সেকেন্ড of the Go brothers and to my relief; he was not depicted as an insatiable pig, prevalent among huge bodied characters. Daijiro was আরো of a martial artist who mastered exotic techniques in the skill of oriental combat. He was also called as a defense tactician and was ব্যক্ত to have studied from an Eastern monk...
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posted by BuddyParaiso
The Japanese super robot team format is composed of four to five, usually five heroic pilots, tasked to drive a giant defender robot programmed to protect Planet Earth.

The Voltes Team is not an exception; a leader, a hot shot, a bright kid, a gentle giant and a token female member.

Ippei Mine was the সেকেন্ড member of the Voltes Team. He was renamed “Mark Gordon” দ্বারা the Filipino voice-overs in 1978. Mark Gordon- Talk about ironies; the producer of the so-called Voltron movie is named Mark Gordon...and as I have discussed in earlier posts, Voltron is nothing but an inferior copy cat of Voltes...
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posted by BuddyParaiso
The mighty super robot Voltes V is a "Gattai"-type (Combining component) super robot. That means it is composed of 5-independently functioning Earth Defense machine called Volt Machine V. Combined দ্বারা the power of intense, ultra electro magnetic energy. They are as follows:

Volt Machine V

Volt Crewzer 1

Code : Ph-Red balance A

Model No. Ci – J

Category: Attack Fighter আটককারী

Operants: AW/2M

Primary: Atmos

Landing: S.T.O.L

Height : 6.82 meters

Weight: 95 tons

Length: 17.73 meters

Width: 17.73 meters

Armaments: Crewzer Missiles Crewzer rockets Crewzer কামান Claw boomerang Crewzer Claw Cutter...
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posted by BuddyParaiso
 voltes V under construction
voltes V under construction
Height: 58 meters
Weight: 600 tons
Classification: Super Robot defense system with multi functioning units.
Type: Gattai (Combining Cybernaut)
Maximum Speed:' mach 20
Pressure Power: 2000 tons
Energy: Ultra Electro Magnetic Energy
Assembly time: 8.0 seconds

The Development of the Ultra Electro Magnetic Machine

Voltes V was conceived and created দ্বারা Earth International Defense scientists, Dr. Kentaro Gou (A.k.a. – Dr. Ned Armstrong), Dr. Hamaguchi (Dr. Richard Smith), and supports from General Oka. (Cmdr. Robinson) Of the Earth International Defense Force.
Aware of the grave Boazanian invasion threat,...
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posted by BuddyParaiso
Prince Heinell (Zardoz) leads the Boazanian Invasion Force against the Planet Earth.

Aside from a vast army of horned shock troopers, three distinguished Boazanian generals were assigned to help him in his expedition of conquest:

*Do Zuuru (Zhul): An old Boazanian robotic scientist specializing in the designs and creations of powerful Beast Fighters. For some reason, Zhul is a grotesque Boazanian with only a small horn. It does not explained as to why he was প্রদত্ত such a high position since he had only one thin horn, but Zhul does aim high with ambition; and it caused him his life when he was...
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posted by BuddyParaiso
After the slave revolt, Zu Zanbasil ordered the burning of all of Baron Hrotgar’s pictures. He even forbade the mention of his name, thus erasing the memory of Baron Hrotgar in Boazan history. Yet, Baron Hrotgar haunts the evil Zanbasil so he deployed thousands of scout troops across মহাকাশ to find and apprehend his imperial rival.
Fleeing from Zu Zanbasil’s wrath, Hrotgar’s parents went to live in a secluded country. They brought along their grandson, Hrotgar’s heir as outcast from the nobility.

He was raised and প্রদত্ত the best education possible through private tutors. Just like his...
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posted by BuddyParaiso
She was renamed “Jamie Robinson” দ্বারা the talented voice dubbers of the Filipino/English version of Voltes V way back in 1978. Well, I can’t find a connection between the name Megumi and Jamie but I suspect the name “Jamie” was inspired দ্বারা “Jamie Somers”; the female lead character from the then hit TV series “Bionic Woman”. The voice talents should have called her “Meg”.

Megumi Oka was the only female member of the Voltes Team and she was depicted as a lovely young 16 বছর old Japanese girl; she’s calm, quiet, resourceful yet very dangerous; her father was Field General...
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posted by BuddyParaiso
Hiyoshi was the youngest of the Go brothers and the Voltes Team. The TV series illustrates him as a “Child genius” aside from being a seasoned aqua-fighter. He was called “Little Jon” in the dubbed Philippine/English version of the series and there were episodes where he acts as a technical trouble shooter every time a Volt Machine had trouble in the field অথবা if Chodenji Mashin Voltes V was having modifications. Young Hiyoshi loved to invent things and most of the time; he ends up arguing with his oldest brother Kennichi because of his hobbies. Hiyoshi was capable enough to build a...
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 Chodenji Mashin Voltes V the mightiest, most powerful super robot hero of them all!
Chodenji Mashin Voltes V the mightiest, most powerful super robot hero of them all!
Chodenji Machine Voltes-V is considered THE most জনপ্রিয় super robot প্রদর্শনী in the Philippines. It was also surrounded দ্বারা intrigues and controvercies, considering it's banning দ্বারা the Marcos regime.

Saburo Yate and Tadao Nagahama, creators of classic Japanese Super robot T.V. series such as Combattler V and Daimos, created the super robot epic titled VOLTES V. A gem from the 70’s, the series tells about the heroic exploits of the young Earth defense agents called The Voltes Team and their struggle to protect the world against an evil alien invasion force...
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posted by BuddyParaiso
The 123rd Boazanian Emperor had no wife, his only son is a mentally retardate. Thus there was no one to succeed him.
One day, his brother was blessed with the birth of the long awaited heir. The Nobility greeted this event with great joy.
But the child was born without horns, which is a symbol of Nobility. It is most likely that the child would never become emperor, even if his blood were the blood of royalty.
Worse, it was very possible that the child would drop to the position of a slave.
When the father learns about this malformation, he was filled with anger and despair that he aims to kill...
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The young Voltes Team is managed দ্বারা seasoned elderly base commanders. Their specific task is to guide the Voltes Team and Voltes V to Victory!
Sure enough, their commanding presence lend to the human drama of each episode:

Dr. Kentaro Gou (Dr. Michael Armstrong):

Barron Hrothgar took the name Dr. Michael Armstrong when he joined the Earth International Defense Force and built Voltes V.
The Father of Steve (Kennichi), Big Bert (Daijiro) and Little John (Hiyoshi), Dr. Armstrong somehow believes that he can still reason with Emperor Zanbasil and his regime. After the construction of Voltes V, he returned...
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posted by BuddyParaiso
Boazan, the eight planet of a তারকা cluster ব্যক্ত to be the আসন of the Boazanian তারকা empire. (Empire of the Horn)
Here lies the great imperial court that houses all the executive functions of the empire.
Due to the liberal reign of Makron XII, (A late Baozanian emperor) the planet avoided to become a mechanized city world. Boazanina remained a natural world and retained much of its natural life support systems.
The planet was divided into feudal zones and sectors. Each member of the nobility had an administrative function. They also appear in the imperial court from time to time.
Boazan has an...
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posted by BuddyParaiso
He was called “Steve Armstrong” দ্বারা the Filipino dubbers from the 1978 জীবন্ত series Chodenji Mashin Voltes V, a বছর where the Philippine public had no অথবা limited knowledge about Japanese Animation.

I can’t reconcile any similarities, how মিনিট they maybe between the name Kennichi and Steve. The dubbers should have named this character “Ken”. I suspect, the character’s name was derived from “Steve Austin” the hero from the hit series “The Six Million Dollar Man”. His family name “Armstrong” obviously came from the U.S. Astronaut who first landed on the moon.

Anyway, Kennichi...
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Voltes V is manned দ্বারা 5 young people, special Earth Defense Agents, trained harshly and dedicated in the defense of our প্রথমপাতা planet. These young people inspired many Voltes V অনুরাগী from the courage and dedication they প্রদর্শনী in the series. They are called...THE VOLTES TEAM...

The Voltes Team
(More than just “Space Explorers”)
After the disappearance of Dr. Gou, (a.k.a. – Dr. Ned Armstrong) the Earth International Defense force trained five young people as highly skilled, Earth Defense Agents. Resolute and dedicated fighters, these agents will act as both special commando units and pilots of...
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