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"Sleep for a while. আপনি might get better…" Flora whispered. She closed the door and tiptoed into the common room. The others glanced at Flora as she sat down on a chair. "So… how is she?" Stella asked. "Fine. I don't know her name yet… but, maybe tomorrow she will answer my questions." Flora responded. "I hope she gets better soon." Bloom said.

The winx had been at প্রথমপাতা for ages. Age's means after what they found at the এনচ্যান্টেড forest. Mrs Faragonda had set them a mission. They were supposed to look for a very special flower, the ফুল of destiny. Anything they desired would appear...
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posted by musa123s
One afternoon
Bloom-hey আপনি guys
Musa-hey bloom what's wrong
Bloom - I can't find Stella
Aisha- I saw her walking outside into the forest an ঘন্টা ago
Tenca- let's go find her it's almost dark
All the winx go outside
Flora- Aisha did u see where she went?
Roxy- let's বিভক্ত করা up me bloom flora will check on on one side and the rest of u check the other side ok
All the girls nod their heads
Musa tenca and Aisha
Musa- let's call her she might have her phone
Tenca calls Stella and Aisha hears Stella's phone on a গুল্ম
Aisha- omg Stella's phone Stella never leaves it
Roxy flora and bloom
Flora- we better find her quick it getting super dark
Roxy- it's ok we will find her quick
Bloom screems
Roxy and flora go to her
Both of them ব্যক্ত -Blooms what's wrong
Blooms points to a piece of clothes with a little blood on it
To be contuied