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Probably the sweetest moment between Flora and Helia
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At Amazonia

Diana: We have to go see them
-Flora just nodded-

-They teleport to the planet of Linphea, Flora and Diana খুঁজুন for the Flora's adoptive parents house. When they found them, Flora look at them for an instant and she could see they were looking upset. Flora knew that instant that it was all true, but instead of yelling at them, she runned to their arms and started to cry-

Flora: Mom, dad... I miss আপনি so much
Both: We too honey
-Diana walked আরো closer without even saying a word, just looking at the liars who took their daughter away from her side-
Flora's mom: Diana..
- Flora's mom took...
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At Amazonia
Diana(Fairy of nature, appears season 4): OOh no... It can't be true. She is alive!!

At Alfea

-Flora went running to Stella's room-
Flora: What happened Stella?
-Flora looked surprised for a moment and then started giggling-
Stella: What is it funny about being trapped and kidnapped দ্বারা your living plants?
Flora: Is just that they're harmless and আপনি act like it is a big deal
Stella: It is a big deal!!
-She looked away and close her eyes mad-
Flora: আপনি just have to say please and they will let আপনি go
-Stella looked indignant but still said-
Stella: Can আপনি please...
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The trix

Darcy: How could she?
Icy: We have failed
Stormy: If we had caught Flora, we will had Diana দ্বারা our foots
-Darcy kept thinking-
Darcy: I have a brilliant idea
Icy: What?.....

At Amazonia

Flora: Why আপনি bring me here?
Diana: This is the only place where আপনি can be নিরাপদ
Flora: From what?
Diana: Obviously from those witches
Flora: What they want from me?
Diana: They want to took আপনি away so they can take control over me
Flora: How?
-Flora was very confused-
Diana: Flora... I hope আপনি understand what I am going to say to আপনি
-Flora kept silence-
Diana: I'm....
Flora: what?
-Flora was waiting for an answer-

--------I know it's too short, but I want to leave আপনি in suspense. What আপনি think she has to say?---
It was the Winter মাস্ককুরেড Formal and Stella was making me go even though out of the six of us I was the only that didn’t have a date. I was upset I just wanted to be দ্বারা myself tonight while they went out to ডিনার and then the dance, but luckily I was able to make them finally give in to let me stay প্রথমপাতা while they go to ডিনার and I would meet them at the dance. As the night progressed on and I headed to the dance I could hear the sounds being emitted from the speakers. It was my পছন্দ song সরানো দ্বারা Little Mix.

Mmh [x4] (Ah) Mmh (Ah) Mmh [repeats]
I step into the ballroom heads toward...
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So here it is, hope আপনি enjoy! ^_^

*The scene*
It was a nice, normal, Friday. Classes were over and the winx were in their dorm doing whatever. The sun was luminous, The birds were singing, and there was a nice breeze outside. One Flora couldn't resist to stand in. So she went on the balcony. Bloom was sitting on the পালঙ্ক sorting mail. She came across a পরাকাষ্ঠা envelope with Flora's name on it, in big fancy fonted letters. She brought it to her. Flora was caught up in the beauty of the view and didn't notice Bloom come out.

Flora quickly turned and looked at Bloom.
"You startled me,...
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Well we all arefans of flora but do we know about her style?
I do.
She likes to wear some thing that is based on a flower.
Like in the episode stella chose flora as the model because she is the one who looks perfect in a ফুল based dress.
She is mostly seen wearing পরাকাষ্ঠা অথবা green.
She loves to be around nature so that is why she wears a ফুল based dress.
In the 3D চলচ্চিত্র she wears a dress designed with petals if আপনি want to see it খুঁজুন winx club flora in a dress.

See আপনি পরবর্তি Time!
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This is kinda a weird story, but I hope you'll like it! For your information, Flora is the princess of Linphea.

At Alfea:
Bloom: I'm bored...
Stella: I'm bored too. I even finished ma homework!
Musa (said with a smirk on het face): Than its really boring here. But the boys are waiting outside, so lets go!!

Stella (ran to Brandon): Snookoms!!
Brandon: Ah, আপনি missed me?
The others gave eachother a hug too.
Sky: So, আপনি guys wanna go to the cinema with us?
Bloom: Sure!

They went to Magix and went to the cinema:
Layla: So, wich film we're going to?
Nabu: That's a surprise honey.
When they sat down, the news started (yeah, its a weird cinema, they start with the news). And then they heard some awful news...

If আপনি want me to continue, plz comment!
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