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So a couple days ago, snakeandprincess on tumblr পোষ্ট হয়েছে a little thing about how Kandrakar handled the Nerissa situation. She was nice enough to let me quote her post to type this article.

One of the huge points bought up is that there was no mention of how Cassidy's death and Nerissa's imprisonment were handled back on Earth. The W.i.t.c.h. girls had their astral drops to cover for them at school, and home, and such. But the drops are only temporary, since the girls eventually return home. But what about Cassidy and Nerissa; they'd never be going home. I’ve put some thought into the whole...
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The girls have gone into different portals to find the other 5 male guardains. Each one with a different gem to find them and worlds with it. To first to get to their world is Cornelia. Cornelia lands in some water, on the planet she looks for the male guardain.

Cornelia-Where am I ans what is this place?

Voice-Get out of the water!


Voice-*a boy shows up wearing raggy clothes and looks pretty grungy*Get out NOW!

Then bunch of vines grab Cornelia.

Cornelia-*screams*What are these things?

Grungy Boy-They're Vongons(Von-gones)!

Cornelia-Help me!

Grungy Boy-Hold still, I'm coming....*then...
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