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  • Favorite TV Show: Once Upon A Time!, The Vampire Diaries, Heartland, When calls the heart, Dr Quinn, Pretty little liars, H2o just add water
    Favorite Movie: I still believe, Everything Everything, Endless love, Hunger games, After triology, Divergent, Sissi, ফ্রোজেন 2, ডিজনি
    Favorite Musician: 5 seconden of Summer, Avril Lavigne, Nickelback, The afters, Lovelytheband, Simple Plan, One Direction
    Favorite Book or Author: Maaike & Domenico, Heartland, D.I.M.I.L.Y, Hunger games, Divergent, The Selection
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Hi! How are you? I hope আপনি have a lovely day! পোষ্ট হয়েছে বছরখানেক আগে
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I appreciate it. পোষ্ট হয়েছে বছরখানেক আগে
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