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    Favorite Movie: gladiator, braveheart, amazing grace, gods not dead, and so many others.
    Favorite Musician: amylee hartzeler and worship songs
    Favorite Book or Author: the bible, any type. normal and recovery.anything philipe yancey!!
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loveofdelena বিষয়ে বক্তব্য Damon & Elena
elena : " our long and happy life together" so, আপনি can definately assume that they ended up married with children. in my mind anyway. thank আপনি elena, thats all i needed to know. পোষ্ট হয়েছে বছরখানেক আগে
loveofdelena মতামত প্রদত্ত…
i can rest easy. weather stelena would have been end game অথবা not, the প্রদর্শনী told us a completely different story. a stelena endgame would never have been believeable, and it certainly wouldnt have gone down well with the fans, let me tell you!! there would have been hell to pay. বছরখানেক আগে
loveofdelena মতামত প্রদত্ত…
not to mention, elena would forever have been comparred to katherine. and that is something she is not and never will be. বছরখানেক আগে
loveofdelena মতামত প্রদত্ত…
and lets be honest, delena were always married if আপনি think about it. they dont need words, they just need eachother. বছরখানেক আগে
cathyirishchic মতামত প্রদত্ত…
Those words were beautiful from Elena. Every Delena অনুরাগী needed this reassurance. বছরখানেক আগে
loveofdelena বিষয়ে বক্তব্য Damon & Elena
What the writers need to do now, is to do a short bonus episode, প্রদর্শিত হচ্ছে us what became of all the characters. And delena's life as they truly lived it. পোষ্ট হয়েছে বছরখানেক আগে
HaleyDewit মতামত প্রদত্ত…
No, they need to do a Delena special! =D বছরখানেক আগে
DelenaMyBabies মতামত প্রদত্ত…
I really wish they could've shown Delena having closure in the finale... বছরখানেক আগে
loveofdelena বিষয়ে বক্তব্য Damon & Elena
I'm so greatful to the writers for giving us us endgame. প্রদত্ত the appalling style of লেখা in the last few seasons, its easy to see how it could have gone the other way. পোষ্ট হয়েছে বছরখানেক আগে