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পড়ার মতো বই

What book are আপনি পাঠ করা right now?

54 answers | my answer: Dorian Gray
হান্নাহ মন্টানা

Who's a better singer Justin Bieber অথবা Sterling Knight

32 answers | my answer: স্টার্লিং নাইট
টুইলাইট সিরিজ

এমটিভি movie awards...Who thinks the best চুম্বন should be Twilight?

8 answers | my answer: i think the best চুম্বন twilight ...
টুইলাইট সিরিজ

Who is better? Lauent অথবা James?

2 answers | my answer: james ..
টুইলাইট সিরিজ

how could jasper control himself so well in twilight at the sudio when bella was bleeding to death but couldnt when she has a paper cut?

9 answers | my answer: Good point . i wonder it . it's little confusing .s...
টুইলাইট সিরিজ

Do আপনি think Kristen and Rob are in love?

11 answers | my answer: yes , i hope so .L
টুইলাইট সিরিজ

which book is the best book?

22 answers | my answer: of course Breaking Dawn .L
টুইলাইট সিরিজ

Are আপনি Team Jacob অথবা Team Edward?

16 answers | my answer: team Edward .L
Eurovision Song Contest

The countries who pass to the Final from the first Semi-Final...What do আপনি think?Which song do আপনি like?

13 answers | my answer: just belgium
Eurovision Song Contest

The countries that passed to the Final from the সেকেন্ড Semi-Final... So what do আপনি think about them? Which song was ur favourite?

11 answers | my answer: Turkey first . Georgia and Ukraine