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The couple theme for Izan(mine)XChris(Aydan's)
gay boyfriend
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*WARNING: this episode contain's scene's of death,curseing and thing that might creep আপনি out veiwer descrision is advised*

"Who the hell do আপনি think আপনি are...Let us out!" a scream from down the hall of the mansion could be was a male voice screaming in anger.
"Mommy please stop this ." as a little girl whimpered. I was shaking i was fearing for my life.i just came here for a blog post on the oldest mansion in the state. I don't want to die....hic oh god please stop this suffering please! "You're wish is my command আপনি scum!" a voice said. i was then hit with a blunt object. i was...
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Wisp:*drawing with coal on a leaf*

Ace: Hi Wisp! What are আপনি drawing?

Wisp: Hey! I'm drawing myself with my MP3. Since it's gone :'(

Ace: Nice. So listen maybe we should make an alliance.

Wisp: Sure, I'd প্রণয় to!

Ace: Great

EC: Ughh! What if I'm voted off?

Kurt: *smirks*

EC: What are আপনি smiling at?

Kurt: Oh nothing.

Chris's voice: All contestants come to the docks!

Chris: Tonight another camper will be going প্রথমপাতা through the submarine of shame. Vote!

zoey: (head spinning and লেখা with wisps coal) these just don't add up i like nat shes cool but i don't like EC i just cant figure this...
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posted by MarshmallowKidd
Daphne Horton
Personality : Daphne was born on July 13th (my real birthdate) in a small village. She was a happy lovable child and there was an incident in her life which made her family upset. She kept saying to her mom and dad it is okay but her parents got ashamed of her and they shipped her to the Bahamas where she lives now. She visit her hometown at times but age had a major downfall after her mom died of stoke at 47 (quiteta young age) . Her father moved the the Bahamas and taxied her and she has been এমো স্টাইল and the bully type works as an ventriloquist, a driver, and a teacher to the deaf. She is happy at times but not her happy go lucky childhood happy...
Prized: her good condition is her ছুরি called "Stabber" Is 25% এমো স্টাইল fairy and 50% human and 25% magician
Notes on the picture : I don't own this but this is her description. Thank আপনি জীবন্ত club for this -hugglez-
Rhonda George
posted by noahnstar1616
Enjoy! :)
Tyler said, "Let's go to the সৈকত set!"

Eva said, "Sure, whatever. Uh, where is that exactly?"

Tyler said, "This way, follow me." Eva followed Tyler to the সৈকত set.

They arrived at the সৈকত set from "Beach Blanket Bogus" and entered inside.

Eva said, "It's freezing in here!"

Tyler said, "Yeah. Maybe we should go somewhere else." He tried to open the door. "Uh-oh."

Eva said, "Why did আপনি just say uh-oh?"

Tyler said, "The door's locked."

Eva said, "What? সরানো it!" She pushed...
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August 12th, 2006

I see the tall man everywhere. I'v started referring to him as "Kyle". I tell my grandmother about Kyle as she lies in বিছানা and looks at me with dim eyes. I tell her how he looks. Tall, of course, with deep red hair. Shaggy, red hair... how did it get so red? She stares at me and sort of smiles, sort of frowns. "I see.." she says, and takes ahold of my pinkie finger. "You can watch him all আপনি want, but I don't want আপনি talking to Kyle. Understand, Eiko?

He doesn't sound safe."

August 13th, 2006

Grandmother was coughing so loud this morning I checked in on her. She had gone back...
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