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posted by Hot_ShotYJ
 Image credit: Adonihs
Image credit: Adonihs
Name: Sebastienne Bellerose Moran

Alias: Hot Shot

Occupation: Assassin, professional sniper, black বেল্ট martial artist.

Appearance: Long and light brown hair but sometimes dyes it black for disguises, icy blue eyes, tall.

Personality: Loud, out going, kind, serious, can be aggressive very easily, caring, loyal.

Power: She heals but not rapidly, it is possible for her to die (obviously), and she age like normal people (also obviously) . She can also heal others as well but can’t bring them back to life.

Weapons: Rifle, two hand guns, knives, explosives.

Hero outfit: Black T shirt, black অথবা dark brown leather jacket, black cargo pants, hair usually tied up into a টাট্টু tail, her father’s military dog chains, black combat boots, back shoulder খাপ, holster for her রাইফেল and thigh খাপ, holster for her বন্দুক and knives, বেল্ট with bullets all around the sides, fingerless leather gloves with holes on the knuckles, .223 bullet necklace, silver rings.

History: An British-American girl born in London. Loved দ্বারা her father but forced to grow up fast with multiple responsibilities and lived a dangerous life at a young age. Sebastienne was taught to become a professional sniper and an assassin just like her father. At the age of seven, her father shot, killed দ্বারা another assassin. That was when she met Connor Maiven and his brother Murphy. Since then, she lived with them in Boston. They took care of her and helped her practice her skills till they had to সরানো back to Ireland and she joined the team a few months later.

- Sebastienne was named after her father, Sebastian.
- She doesn’t know who her mother is.
- She plays the violin.
- Her favourite রাইফেল was originally her father’s.
- Most of her বন্দুক and mechanical weapons are made দ্বারা Scud.
- Her father and Mercy’s uncle fought in the Afghanistan war together.
- She got her healing power from her father, not her mother.
- Sebastienne has never been in a relationship and not really intend on being in one (Punk_heart knows why) but she does have someone special in mind.
- Sebastienne’ s father never knew about her till she was left on his door step at the age of 1 (but she IS his
- She sleeps on her stomach with a loaded gun tucked into the gap between her mattress and বিছানা frame.
- She lets only lets a certain people call her ‘Sebby’
- Sebastienne was born in লন্ডন but has moved around a lot.
 I ছবি shopped this one. I know, it looks terrible.
I photo shopped this one. I know, it looks terrible.
 Found this one on google.
Found this one on google.
 I edited the eyes a bit.
I edited the eyes a bit.
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posted by SilverWingsYJ
It wasn't difficult for Silver to shimmy her way the rest of the way across the beam. Once she reached the other wall, she gripped the beam and lowered herself. For a moment, she hung from the beam দ্বারা her fingertips before releasing her hold.
Silver landed in a crouch behind a stacked বাক্স and froze for a moment. Her হৃদয় thudded in her ears, making it difficult to listen for the shouts and alarms she was dreading. The calm murmurs of the gamblers continued.
She crept down the line of crates, careful to keep in the shadows, until the murmurs grew to talk.
"I swear, they never even saw us coming,"...
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posted by BloodyMascara_

Name: Ciel Norrian.

Alias: Harmonian.

Appearance: 6'0 tall, purple eyes, white hair.

Gender: Male.

Civies: Usually a white t-shirt and jeans will due, an occational জ্যাকেট aswell.

Hero-Suit: Blue tailcoat, a top-hat and black jeans.

Weapons: He carries around a spoon. And a pocket ছুরি he carries around in civies. And a (A spoon XP) And with his power, (see powers) can make a weapon.

Skills: Fair গান গাওয়া voice, extreemly agile.

Powers: When he sings a special chorus, he can create অথবা repair items such as..... a নেকলেস made of pearls, he sings "Build it up with silver and pearl, silver...
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Damian's Introduction

From The Arrowette Series Book II:

"That," Stephanie said, running a towel over her damp forehead. "Was a workout."

"So when are আপনি coming to the Manor?" Helena asked.

"Whoah, Whoah, Whoah, Whoah." A new voice said. "Who said--"

"Bruce." Helena responded as Red Robin walked in.

"Bats gave আপনি the clear?" Tim asked. "And here I thought he LIKED me."

"Ah, cheer up Tim." Helena said, patting the Bird on his shoulder. "He let আপনি be Robin with no training. I'm his daughter and I had to wait six months."

Tim smiled, but turned his attention to the zeta-tubes as they warmed up.

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posted by BloodyMascara_

Name: Melissa Wellings

Hero name: Coaxoch

Hair: Black.

Eyes: Hypnotic green.

Relation to the Team: ((*Snikers* R_L and KFF are going to kill me...)) Devin and Fangs child from the future. ((SHHH!!!! They dont know it yet....))

Powers: When hugged দ্বারা the opposite sex অথবা under to much stress, transforms into a small dragon(Willingly অথবা unwillingly. SO I EXPECT ONE OF আপনি GUYS TO TRIP ONTO HER!), (When dragon) Flight, (Human) levitation(Self and other objects/people).

Skills: Black বেল্ট in martial arts, Cooking, pick pocket.

Personality: Never gives up, (OVERLY)protective of friends, never backs...
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posted by Mclovin_69
Name: Jeremy Thompson ( Jet for a nickname)

Hero Name: Jet

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Relations: cousin to Bentley

Apperance: shaggy dark black hair that is actually brown and carmel brown eyes

Powers/Skills: he has no powers but is very skilled with weapons preferably his long hooks that he uses on trees to climb. He also has many skills in combat. He has many skills in nature calls and bird calls, he even made his own language in bird callls to communicate with his group who call themselves the Valley Heroians.

Personality: he is very outgoing when he wants to be and very caring for others, hes আরো open...
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posted by Robin_Love
As requested.

She paced back and forth in the small width of her room. The other occupant followed her and just listened.
“Nonononononono! Why did this happen to me?! NOT okay! Stupid gum. Stupid people. Stupid world!”
“It's not ending just because-”
The other sighed, still watching.
“It wasn't just anything. It was a symbol. I didn't want to part with it!!!”
“Becca, you're being ridiculous.”
“Yes. But I don't care!”
“Any other things আপনি want to rant about?”
Becca glared at the other in her room.
“Then we should train.”
“NO buts!”
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Okay don't be hating on me for this, I'm not trying to start a fight. I just think that we'd all be better off if we at least read these and thought about them, even if just for a second. I'm gonna say this right now: these are not cut-and-dry rules. দ্বারা no means am I forcing আপনি to follow them, and there will be exceptions. These are just suggestions, on how to make your OCs well liked and better off. So, with that being said, in no particular order, here are 15 suggestions for making good OCs.
1. Ask yourself if making a new OC is really necessary.. Don't contribute to the overcrowding unless...
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I couldn't help myself. I had to write it. You'll understand everything when Memory is finished; just a few আরো parts!!!!

Her hand fit nicely in his. Their fingers threaded together as the walked casually along the ভান্দার district of Happy Harbor. They window shopped, looking at whatever they found interesting. And they had আরো in common than either of them first thought. They walked past a চকোলেট store and she stopped, looking at the display. He tugged her hand gently, but she didn't move.
He followed her line of sight, a smile on his lips. Everyone had warned him; keep Becca...
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 Skylar and Harley's Child
Skylar and Harley's Child
Skylar woke up, startled, “HARLEY!” he shouted as he sat up. Sitting পরবর্তি to him was Silver and Tyler. “Shhh, Skylar, calm down. You’re okay and alive, thank god.” Tyler nodded at his friend, “You have to rest, আপনি hit the ground full force.” Skylar shoved away his বন্ধু restraining hands, “Let me go, I need to see Harley.” Silver and Tyler glanced at each other. Unsure on how to put it lightly. Luckily they didn’t have too, Nightwing did it for them. “Harley’s gone Skylar.” Skylar stopped, “Gone?” Nightwing walked towards them, “Not dead gone. But we don’t...
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posted by Robin_Love
 Just cause I found it
Just cause I found it
The sound was haunting, alluring. It overruled her senses, driving her into some sweet perfection and causing her to crave it. It was dangerous, unknowing. And it seduced her. Her eyes opened, looking into light purple. Hypnotizing purple. A hand stroked her cheek lightly. The আরো she stared, the আরো she couldn't pull her gaze away.
“Glad আপনি could যোগদান me. I wouldn't want to be called a liar. Are আপনি ready?”
She nodded, not looking away. He removed his hand from her cheek and helped her up. She kept her eyes on him as he lead her into a different room. He turned to her.
“Get dressed....
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