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Name: Ogata Hiroto
Plays: Guitar
Birthday: 4.5.1985
Hight: 166 cm
Weight: 51 kg
Hobbies: Walking, photographing, collecting shoes.
Nickname: Pon

:: is obsessed with spiderman
:: Occasionally becomes "Hirito-Man" (Spider Man) and fights against Saga's alter-ego
:: Is a camwhore
:: Can and has picked up Shou
:: acts as though they`re actually doing a live during rehearsals
:: wanted to be a Johnny's Junior when he was little
:: designs some of the merchendise
:: either can't swim, অথবা he can't swim very well
:: was "molested" দ্বারা a middle-age woman on the train when he was in high school
:: always carries salt...
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