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posted by rue0613
Disclaimer: I don’t own House… whoopss… wrong disclaimer. I don’t own Hugh Laurie and Lisa Edelstein, because we have abolished slavery long time ago… But if somehow I can control their free will, Hugh Laurie will be divorced and they will be doing some smexy stuff right now.

Hello! Rue0613 here. As I ব্যক্ত in one of my post, I’m a FF writer, who specialize with Hameron. Yes, আপনি heard me right, I’m a Hameron fan, and now kinda Huddy fan… but a CRAZY HULI FAN!!! >:)
This is the first time I’ll be doing a real person FF. Oh, for those who are familiar with, I’ll...
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Okay, first things first. I know that when আপনি read the শিরোনাম of this article, আপনি may have freaked out. I know that I did when I first became aware of the existence of this interview. But I just want to tell আপনি beforehand, it really isn't as bad as it sounds. I freaked out, yes, but that was before I translated the whole interview for myself. Now, it is evident that the content can be interpreted in different ways.

(Please take note that I'm a high school French student, and I didn't really use a translator, so I took some liberties with the translating...French-speaking people, please don't...
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posted by playingcold
This isn't a fanfic, it's pure science! :D Thanks to school, I have to read some texts about nonverbal communication. পাঠ করা the stuff, all I could think about was Huli. I will copy some paragraphs here and feel free to discuss if they are really 'so Huli' as I thought. ;) It is possible that they were mentioned earlier, since there are a lot of smart and educated people here :)

To Communicate Meaning
Nonverbal messages may communicate the exact same meanings as verbal messages. The same purposes that were identified for communication in general are served দ্বারা nonverbal signals a well.
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Lisa had returned an ঘন্টা later to the studio. The filming still went on, despite her leaving. She stumbled through the door, although regaining composure quickly. She flashed her badge clumsily to security and kept walking without even looking at them. She also found it a tad difficult to walk in heels.
“Lisa, you’re back!” Jen was the first to see her on her way back from the bathroom.
She immediately recoiled back after smelling the ভদকা on Lisa.
“I’m just here to yell at Hugh and then I’m leaving again.”
“Have আপনি been drinking?” she asked, obviously knowing the answer was...
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Shore on Huddy অথবা is this Huli? **SPOILER**

দ্বারা now we're all familiar with that ছবি of House and Cuddy (Hugh Laurie and Lisa Edelstein) cozying it up on the beach, taken earlier this summer, but House creator and executive producer David কূল says we shouldn't read too much into the image. "That picture was so deceptive. It's not going to be lovey-dovey, happily ever after," says Shore.
"I think the picture is taken between takes, of the two of them relaxing."

link আরো From TVGuide[/url]

Does কূল knows something? xD
Ok, for the পরবর্তি part of this "they" make fun of some of the other celebrities. I have nothing personally against any of the people mentioned, it's just part of the story.
Hope আপনি enjoy!

The seating coordinator escorted Lisa up to the front. She was careful to lift her dress so she didn’t trip and make a mockery of herself. Hugh waited and watched as she walked up.
“What were আপনি thinking trying to sit back there with everyone else?” he spoke low.
“Well, I thought that আপনি were the only one sitting up here.”
“Good god no, how on earth would I make it through the boredom” and he gave...
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posted by partypantscuddy
Okay so this site hates me and won't let me post a link using the লিঙ্ক so I'll post it here.

I started লেখা this last week, and আপনি can see the লিঙ্ক below. There are two chapters so far and the third is almost finished. The jist of it is what I think would happen if Lisa came back for the series finale. So don't be afraid to read it and leave মতামত on the posts, they're on my live journal, and anonymous মতামত are enabled so আপনি don't even need an account to comment. I hope আপনি like!

Do আপনি even remember this fic? I hope yes. I-m sorry for not updating in a long time, I just had other priorities.

Anyways, if আপনি do remember the fic but not what happened last time red this again link

So anyways his is the final chapter of this story, I hope আপনি like it and I hope I get at least a review.

Lisa had gone upstairs to get a shower. She closed her eyes as she felt the water falling in her back. She didn’t know what was going on in Hugh’s life but she knew that getting drunk in that way wasn’t a good sign....
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posted by HugeEgoSorry
Hi guys, just drop দ্বারা to share some HuLi ideas. I know it's kinda hypocritical since I have প্রদত্ত up shipping them but still, I find myself smiling every time I see pics and vids of them making each other laugh and smile, come one who doesn't?! LOLS
So it isn't actually new if my wheels in my mind (if I have one) began turning and urging me to write a fic about them. Here it is:

“Lisa,” a voice called out her name as Lisa stood on their vacation উদ্যানবাটি in New York. She freed her arms from its crossed position as she turned to face the one she knew just entered the bedroom. “Stop thinking...
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 Brenda Song during shooting of "Special Delivery"
Brenda Song during shooting of "Special Delivery"
Hi there,

I'm really annoying with the pics published recently on FANPOP.

Pics with false information as well ... Hameron অনুরাগী ? Anti Huddy ? Anti Huli ? Anything else ?

The pics which are পোষ্ট হয়েছে come from the shooting of "Special Delivery" and old আরো than one বছর in Hawai.

Here are two pics of the shooting আপনি can CLEARLY see it's in the same place at the same time:

Brenda song during the shooting and in the same garden:

The সেকেন্ড one with the movie realisator and Brenda Song (the man in the middle is her boyfriend too *lol*):

Bashing comments, false rumor are really annoying finally.

Try to be respectful and don't buy anything without a proof. Here the proofs are REALLY old pics and rumor.

Lisa is a liar ?

Thank আপনি so much and sorry for mistakes I'm furious this time :-//

I don't change my mind without proof and only base on rumors !!!
 Lisa, Brenda and the realisator during the shooting in Hawai (same place in 2008)
Lisa, Brenda and the realisator during the shooting in Hawai (same place in 2008)
posted by huddysmacked
Hey Hulies!!! Sorry for the delay but my daughter has been sick and I had to fix her so anyway here's the part 4 of my fic. As always rate, review and enjoy!

Sinners FTW!!! (:C

Lisa arrived to worj and directed herself to the dressing room. She changed and arrenged all her things and soon she was ready to shoot the first scenes of the day. Her phone rang.

"Lisa...I don't want to speak with you...Why!? Are আপনি serious!?...An apology won't do... No, I don't want to talk to you."

"Hey Lisa." Hugh ব্যক্ত entering the dressing room.

"I have to go. Bye" Lisa ব্যক্ত shuting her phone. Hugh stared at her...
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posted by huddysmacked
So since I have like 3 hours till I die… I needed to update ASAP!!! So rate review and enjoy!!!! It’s gonna have a plot twist!!!

At midnight the phone rang again. Lisa took the call with an asleep Norman at her side.

“How’s your kid doing?” Hugh’s voice sounded through the receiver.

“Hugh, I’m really not in the best of moods.” Lisa ব্যক্ত sitting up her bed. Her voice was just above a whisper.

“Look I’m sorry for the fight we had at the dressing room. I just- didn’t want আপনি to have trouble…” Hugh said. Things always went that way, they didn’t fight for আরো than a...
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posted by huddysmacked
নমস্কার sinners!!! So yeah my computer it’s being stupid so that’s why I haven’t post but here it is.. And yeah I will be gone for a few weeks (not that I want to) but anyways here is the সেকেন্ড part sorry for the late update…
Sinners for Evah!!! (:C

Norman was sitting in Lisa’s বিছানা পাঠ করা the magazine they had been the cover of. He heard the front door slam and some tough footsteps coming from the living room. Lisa came to the bedroom, took the phone and disappeared through the door. Norman put the magazine down for a sec and put it up again shrugging.

Then he heard Lisa shouting. He...
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posted by huddyislove

Guys.. I've been so sick this days.. And I have absolutely no will to write.... And besides.. There's so many Huli FF here, I think I bored আপনি to death :P
Anyway.. I decided I'll shrink my fic, because I don't want to be a pain in the গাধা anymore....
You're getting two আরো chapters after this one, and that's it...
I hope আপনি enjoyed পাঠ করা it, as much as আপনি could, anyway.
Love আপনি all

Chapter 23: প্রথমপাতা

A week later

“Hey there little one” Hugh smiled at the baby girl he was holding. He couldn't believe that he was there. That he had had the courage to come প্রথমপাতা and be with his family. He...
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posted by huddysmacked
A/N: So ok I felt like continuing and don’t leave আপনি hanging so here it is.

How can আপনি ask that? I’m crying, don’t আপনি see it? আপনি must be blind দ্বারা all the প্রণয় আপনি have for Jo. Oh stop crying Lisa for God’s sake! He doesn’t feel the same clearly and wait, he’s caressing your cheek.

Another tear falls down and arrives in your thumb. This feels so good. Focus Lisa আপনি were to respond.

“No, I’m not ok. আপনি should leave.” I beg that আপনি won’t obey me and আপনি don’t. Suddenly your hand slips from my cheek and runs through my hair. This is getting dangerous.

And I can notice...
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posted by huddysmacked
What did I do? I ask myself as I get of my bike.
Stupid me why didn’t I stay প্রথমপাতা with Jo? God, this is bad.
What was I thinking? In her smile
Shut yourself up. Oh God this is wrong, this is damn wrong.
Why didn't I meet her back when I cheated? No.
Oh God I'm mad, I scold myself.
I shouldn’t have left, no, I shouldn't have gone in the first place. It was all under control, I ruined it. Besides she's in প্রণয় with another man. How stupid I am.
I wonder if she ব্যক্ত the truth, not that I care. I mean I shouldn't I'm married. I have kids, a family. That eases my mind I'm not unfaithful.
This is a...
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We sit down on my couch. We start to chat.
"So Jo's back with your kids. Are আপনি going too? আপনি barely see them."
"Yeah I am, পরবর্তি week."You say putting down your cup.
"How long will আপনি be gone?"
"2 months." I panic, do আপনি realize the pain that means to me? I guess আপনি don't so I fake a smile.
"Good," We stay silent for longer than five minutes, the akward silent theat nobody wants.
"Are-" We speak at the same time and we laugh foolishly.
"You go first." আপনি say to me still smiling. I can't believe how good I feel পরবর্তি to you, it's so comfortable, I don't have to be smart অথবা be dumb. I...
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posted by huddysmacked
It's late at night and I'm alone. Crying, trying and losing. I don't want to be beautiful if আপনি don't see me beautiful. I want আপনি to hold me and whisper I প্রণয় you.
But আপনি can't, and I can't either. I'm not strong enough.
Today I saw আপনি together, she seemed happy but you,I don't know. I guess আপনি are because আপনি were holding her too.
It's foolish that you're the reason of my tears, I don't even nows why they're running down my cheeks. I have never had আপনি what means I haven't হারিয়ে গেছে you. I haven't loved you... until now. I realize I do but আপনি don't.
I'm alone in my room, in the dark. I can't...
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posted by maverickangel35
Disclaimer: I do not have any knowledge whatsoever of Hugh Laurie অথবা Lisa Edelstein's private lives. No offense is meant দ্বারা the posting of this ridiculous story--it is only meant to be an excercise in "what if," a hypothetical situation that may have happened অথবা may yet happen, and is not intended for anything beyond fictional enjoyment দ্বারা respectful fans. That said...

    “Oh, it is just disgusting how happy আপনি two look,” Robert said, but couldn’t stop himself from grinning at them both. “How are আপনি going to explain your sudden onset of compulsive happiness...
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posted by maverickangel35
    “Hugh! Wait up!” Hugh Laurie paused in the middle of taking off his motorcycle শিরস্ত্রাণ and looked to see where the voice was coming from. Lisa Edelstein had just gotten out of her car and was striding toward him, a brilliant smile on her face. “Where’ve আপনি been?”
    “…home…” he said, raising an eyebrow. “For the last week অথবা so. Scripts and lines and meetings and trying to work on my book before my publisher comes after me to break my kneecaps…”
    The two of them headed through the parking lot to the set...
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