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Author’s Note: I’ve already done a set of ten skits for just POM in general, but these are, as the শিরোনাম says, purely Skilene. Most just imply Skilene, but there a few at the end in which Skipper and Marlene are an actual couple. link are the skits for normal POM skits if আপনি wish to read them. Any শিরোনাম with a Roman numeral পরবর্তি to it has a skit note associated with it displayed at the end. I hope আপনি enjoy these skits and I hope I succeed in making আপনি laugh. Peace, out.

11) Sweet Dreams

    On a quiet Saturday afternoon, Skipper had sent his men off for a snowcone reward...
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NOTA DEL FIC: Las oraciones que tiene comillas ("") indican el dialogo del personaje en el presente. También quiero aclararles que dentro de los flashbacks no indica quien habla, ya que es solo un recuerdo y no necesariamente tiene que recordarlo todo perfectamente. Estoy segura que sabrán a quienes pertenecen los diálogos ;)


*3:31 PM*

Marlene estaba tranquilamente recostada sobre su cama, pensando. Ella llevaba días igual, se recostaba sobre su cama todo el día, ya ni siquiera acostumbraba visitar a los pingüinos ni a los lémures como antes, incluso apenas...
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"Well... that should do it." Kowalski groaned tiredly as he wiped the sweat away from his brow with a sleek flipper.

He stared at the contraption before him; made out of odds and ends of various sizes and colours. He had হারিয়ে গেছে track of how many trinkets and gadgets and gizmos he had used to put the device together... Then again, who really cared what he used as long as the thing worked?

Skipper watched from his ডেস্ক as he doodled notes on a sheet of paper, taken into account that he couldn't read অথবা write, so therefore, he had no choice but to draw. Whatever it was that Kowalski was cooking up,...
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