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In this story Marlene and Skipper become a pair. Thats why I think it would fit here just right.
I've written that story a longer time পূর্বে and I am from Germany so the story is German. I can't speak অথবা write English well enough to translate it.
I hope some of আপনি can read a little German.

Es war ein sonniger Tag, die Pinguine schlürften ihren Fischsud und Marlene sonnte sich auf ihrem Felsen. King Julien beschwerte sich mal wieder über গর্ত মধুভাষী ব্যক্তি von Maurice. Alice sprach durch ihr Handy mit einem Lieferanten, der gerade einen LKW Richtung Central Park Zoo steuerte. Ein neues Tier sollte in...
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Skipper's eyes nearly popped out of his head.

"W-w-what?" he managed to stumble out in a soft voice.

Not yet? What was THAT suppossed to mean? The পেংগুইন squirmed uneasily from underneath Marlene's furry, চকোলেট body, impatient to hear what she had to say next. He had to stop himself from freaking out and yelling at her, otherwise, he knew, she would never tell him anything. And whatever that "anything" was, it sure sounded serious.

There was a small splash of water that fell onto his chest, and as an immidiate reaction, he turned his head up towards the sky, thinking it might be raining...
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Before anyone could blink, the rain clouds above had প্রদত্ত way to a beautiful night, when the stars twinkled and danced across the velvet sky and the soft honking of car horns sounded from down-town. The moon was in hiding on such a peaceful, beautiful, and rare occasion. Then again, it was the only way the stars could twinkle and shine in the City that Never Sleeps... অথবা turns its lights off, in this case.

Marlene poked her head out from the HQ's doorway to find Skipper, Rico, and Kowalski sitting at the table, being served দ্বারা Private a strange-looking খাবার with such a delicious scent that...
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Skipper and his crew were training. Again.

Marlene woke-up দ্বারা the sounds of Skipper's annoying voice giving commands and the sounds of splashing when they swam.

Marlene took a peek...

She stared at Skipper as he got out of the pool. She noticed how his shiny feathers glow from the sun. She sighed and and continued to look at Skipper. He never looked so good.

Skipper noticed that Marlene was staring at him. He smiled and winked at her.

Marlene continued to look at him dreamingly. But then she noticed that everyone knows that she was staring at Skipper. "Uhh...gotta go!" she said. She got embarrassed...
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 he NEEDED to appear sometime...
he NEEDED to appear sometime...
(hey guys!, ok I ADMIT I HAD TO PUT JULIEN IN HERE, hes just so stupid and I couldnt let him like I did in "the secret love, so I decided to put him here! enjoy!)

Julien saw the white ভোঁদড় everyday on her fight with Marlene for skipper "that ভোঁদড় is nice..." moris looked at him with a bad look in his face " but আপনি cant talk like that to Marlene! remem-" he got intrrumped "not her! im talking about the white otter!" "ahh"" she is way better than Marlene! she is perfect!" he saw how she sat looking at skipper like if they were going to চুম্বন "I cant let that happen!" and he went running.

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Hello ফ্যানপপ users its me SKILENE4EVER! And I am লেখা my FIRST প্রবন্ধ on skilene soo please dont hate me if আপনি dont like it:( মতামত AND ENJOY! Oh and SKILENE RULES! Okay im done enjoy!:)

One দিন at the penguins HQ skipper and kowalski were having an arguement. " way kowalski a টমেটো is not a fruit!" Skipper yelled glaring at kowalski."YES IT IS! Science proved it!" Kowalski yelled back to his commanding officer."Fine kowalski IF a টমেটো is a ফলমূল because it has seeds?..Than whats a bannana?" Skipper ব্যক্ত as he had his beak turned into a grin."Its a fruit..."Kowalski ব্যক্ত with...
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