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AN/Lame title. It was the best I could think of.

The energetic tune of the bugal tone that sounded at
exactly six thirty every morning sent three penguins
leaping up and out of বিছানা in size order. Kowalski, Rico,
and Private all stood side দ্বারা side in erect posture.
They gazed strait on, Kowalski's expression solid and
serious though still half-awake, Rico, a solemn expression
on his scarred face all the same আপনি could see the phyco
fire in his antarctican eyes, Private, who was last in the order,
carefully wiped sleep from one বেগুনি eye, not breaking
his posture however. After waiting several seconds...
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This is the episode that is mostly about skipper being afraid of needles.
the penguins of madagascar
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