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this audiobook is not an original version made দ্বারা Rick Riordan/actual publishers, but you'll find it very good. at first, it might sound weird as maybe the spells অথবা the characters names don't sound as আপনি thought they would, অথবা maybe their voices don't.

this recording was originally made দ্বারা rye-n and the original version is available on

this one was re-uploaded on ইউটিউব দ্বারা RJODYSSEY. there are many parts of it. each part hold more-or-less half a chapter.

to find: type 'red pyramid' in the খুঁজুন box and click on the one that says 'the Red Pyramid audiobook part 01)

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all the credit goes to RR, except for the one i made.
"Nastoya! come here!" my mom called from the living room. "i told আপনি to call me Nasty." i said, obviously irritated. "i just wanted to see if আপনি wanted to meet a coworker of mine, we are meeting at the museum tonight." she said. "will it be boring? will there be people i know অথবা are at least my age?" i asked. she shrugged. "i honestly don't know." she replied. i thought for a moment. "i'll go." i ব্যক্ত at last. she smiled. "get your coat." she said. i ran to the closet and grabbed my thickest hoodie. i...
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posted by Timmyoseaton
Hi guys making a little story on the kane chronicles. My first story im posting on a actually website so take it easy on my if its horrible হাঃ হাঃ হাঃ :D.
I was walking along a pathway. Hi, I’m Timmy, and I’m 14 years old, and I’m an orphan. Except I don’t go to an orphanage I stay on the streets. Wondering how I get my food? Usually my friend gives me his scrap’s. I was walking to the Brooklyn museum. I wanted to go see the mummy’s I loved Egyptian stuff such as staff’s, mummy’s, wand’s, আপনি know Egyptian stuff. I stayed there for hours until it finally got dark. When it got dark...
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posted by valerie325
Please sanubis অনুরাগী don't kill me but I PERSONALLY think that Sadie is going to end up with Walt only because Anubis is a god!I know আপনি guys will say প্রণয় councers anything so maybe I'm wrong but I just think that.I know Walt is dying but they are looking for a cure like Ra ব্যক্ত "Weasals are sick"!Anyways I just wanted to put my opinion.Don't be mad!
BTW I still don't know wheater to be a sanubis (Sadie and anubis) অথবা a salt (haha walt and sadie) fan! Oh and also tell me what আপনি think but again PLEASE don't be mad!!!!!!!!!!!