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The Reunited Kingdom

{Scene switches back to the Outlanders, crossing a river on the way to
attack Pride Rock.}

{Scene switches again; now back at Pride Rock, where Joey and Tristan
are talking.}

I can't believe we হারিয়ে গেছে her again. This is the eight thousandth time!


I thought আপনি were gonna watch her!

Me? আপনি were gonna watch her!

I thought আপনি were gonna watch her!

No, আপনি were gonna watch her!

You were gonna watch her!

Aah, watch this! {he leaps onto Joey}

Oww! Take that, আপনি creepy watchmen! Say it! Say it!

Aaah! Aaah!

{Joey and Tristan...
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(Yami and Joey are standing in front of the Game ভান্দার as the mailman comes walking দ্বারা and puts a package into Yami's mailbox)

Yami and Joey: It's here! (takes out the package and opens it)

Yami: Behold, Joey! The official Dark Magician Back Scratcher! And it only cost me 52 box-tops.

Joey: Wow.

Yami: (scratches his back with the item) Ooh. Mm-hmm. Oh... Oh! Whoo! Oh, yes, that's it!

Joey: Let me try! (uses the item to scratch his back)

Yami: Uh, Joey, that's not the back scratcher. That's my arm.

Joey: Oh, sorry. (reattaches his arm)

Yami: আপনি know, we shouldn't keep this all to ourselves....
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"Wait!What about Bakura?!" Mana asked panicking
"He'll be fine.We have to go!" Marik ব্যক্ত moving her in front of himself and pushing her to a hiding place.
"We have to-"
"Hi Mana." Bobasa ব্যক্ত coming from nowhere.
"Bobasa!" Mana yelled jumping to hug him.
"Hey,we have to get Mana somewhere safe." Marik said.
"Mana's in trouble?" Bobasa asked.
"Yeah." Mana ব্যক্ত looking sad.
"Okay Bobasa knows a hiding place." Bobasa ব্যক্ত picking up Mana and Marik.He took them to the back of a shop.
"Mana will be নিরাপদ here...Who are you?"
"I'm Marik."
"Nice to meet আপনি Marik.I'm Bobasa."
"cool...Cool."Marik said.Mana started...
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{Scene switch; Mana and Yugi are lying on their backs, watching the
clouds and giggling.}

See that? See that? Look at that! It's really pretty.

What? Oh yeah! Um-- look... there's one that looks like a baby rabbit.
See the fluffy tail?

Yeah... hey! There's one that looks like two people killing each other
for a scrap of food!

{Yugi laughs; this isn't Mana's cup of tea, and she grimaces.}

Ah, I've never played this before.

Really? My father and I used to do this all the time. He says all the
great Kings of the past are up there.

You think Bakura is up there?

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Last time -

"Serenity I don't want আপনি coming to my school any more."
"A-Alright.....But that one was kinda cute...."
"Which one?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!"
Serenity came দ্বারা Mokuba who was about to get hit দ্বারা a truck she rushed over and saved him.
"Thanks."Mokuba said
"Your welcome."
"Mokuba আপনি dumb bastard আপনি almost got hit whats wrong with you?Didn't I tell আপনি to NOT go when the light is green?!"Seto Yelled at Mokuba
"Stop having a moment!" Joey Yelled
"Big brother who was that girl that saved my sorry ass?" Mokuba asked Seto
"Wheelers sister."Seto answered
"But she doesn't seem like a dumb ass."
"She's not."...
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Deception and Disgrace

{Reopen on Pride Rock, with Yugi walking out onto the promontory.}

Okay-- I have to tell her today. Oh... where do I start? "Mana... Mai
had a plot-- and I was part of it. But I don't wanna be, because-- it's
because I love you. Oh, she'll never believe me. But I gotta

{He goes into the cavern, where Mana and Atem are waking up.}

Mana... I need to talk to you.

Mana... I don't want you talking with him. I
want to talk with him.

{Mana's face brightens; Atem winks at her, and he and Yugi go out
onto the promontory and down onto...
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"Who Does She Remind আপনি Of?"

{Camera zooms slowly back to Pride Rock, where Mana is playing at
Atem's feet atop Pride Rock, gazing down over the side.}


{She giggles continuously, and Atem catches her as she comes near the

Whoah. Where do আপনি think you're going in such a hurry?

{Mana wriggles in Atem's grasp as he moves her to safety.}

Daddy! Let go!

{She keeps giggling as she tries to escape}

Well, I just want আপনি to be careful.

{She chases after a butterfly; Atem steps on her dress to pin her

Mana... are আপনি listening? Accidents can happen. আপনি could easily get...
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~~*With Mana*~~
"Put me down!!" Mana screamed as she kicked as the cloaked man took her away from her friends.'Oh please.Atem,Marik,Bobasa,Mahado,Bakura one of আপনি help!' Mana thought to herself.The cloaked man took her to what looked like a replica of the palace only it was black and instead of the shining স্বর্ণ that radiated from her home,this had a dark aura to it.The man rode his horse into the palace he took her to a dungeon and threw poor Mana in a cell then locked it and left.Mana laid on the cold grownd tears pored from her eyes,she looked back on her life She thought of Atem,Mahado,Bobasa,Marik...
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Chapter 5: Work at dawn, celebration at dusk

The morning sun was rising upon the sandy horizon of Egypt, hitting the pyramids casting long shadows on their sides. As আরো beams of light sped across the sands, the light had finally reached the palace. The first beams to hit the palace was in Pharaoh Atem's room. Atem slowly opened his eyes only then to see his room flooded in the morning shine.
“Morning already?” he yawned as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes, put a cream colored kilt on, and placed the Sennen puzzle around his neck. Atem walked out to his balcony and saw the quiet and empty...
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Yugioh চা Dancing to Caramelldansen AMV